Sven von Thülen
Beginnings EP

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After his solo debut ‘Mehlspeicher EP’, House-jack-of-all-trades Sven von Thülen delivers his second EP ‘Beginnings’ on Suol. And, well, what can you expect from Sven? Nothing less than 4 pieces of finest Old School House, wrapped up in a contemporary garment.

Listening to ‘Liquid Light’, one could think that Sven has written this track on a Sunday afternoon in Panorama Bar.
A dark, sexy and hypnotizing voice, smashing claps and these haunting chords that make you want someone to open the window shutters to let the sun shine in for just a few seconds.

‘Those Days And Nights’ uses a slightly softer approach. Carried by a dreamy layer, this track is made to ease minds after – well, those days and nights…

‘Illuminate’ raises the throttle again and turns the dancefloor lights back on. If not being a peaktime bomb like ‘Liquid Light’, it will work perfectly for every DJ to pave the way into whatever is set to come.