A Billion People EP

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What do you get when you lock Trickski, Hollis P. Monroe and Overnite into a studio for a few days?
An incredible, trippy fusion of the raw, punching Trickski sound, Trademark – Monroe House grooves and the distinctive, chilling vocals of Overnite: the “A Billion People EP”! The title track “A Billion People” is one hell of a dancefloor destroyer. A long, synth-laden build up, Overnite’s stream of consciousness vocal and a billion people with their hands in the air! “The Black 80’s” aka Hollis P. Monroe and Overnite rework the title track to make it a brooding, eerie piece of house music. Perfect for the early hours of the morning. Trickski take the wheel again for their “Voyage D` Amour” – a whirlwind of synths, bass and marimbas. Melodies ducking away and reappearing where you don’t expect them, analogue all the way.