Chopstick & Johnjon, Fritz Kalkbrenner
A New Day

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Yes, we clearly can’t get enough of this track.
After showing “A New Day“ to some friends everyone wanted to do a remix so we picked our favourites and throw them at you with another vinyl … listen closely, here are the interpretations by Stil vor Talent label boss Oliver Koletzki, Mood Music Mascot Sasse bringing along his new artists Penner + Muder and a dub version by Chopstick&Johnjon.
Starting on A1 is “A New Dub“ – the dub version by Chopstick &Johnjon themselves, taking just a snippit of Fritz’ voice to create a house monster. Using a dirty beat and loopy sequences to buld it up – up to that break, where everything finally makes sense.
Clearly something for the masses…
Sasse on B2 does it a little bit more disco. Using all the melodies from the original with new sounds, he takes the track into a whole new direction. The vocals enjoy a beautiful reverb in this one, dropping off Fritz somewhere far far away. It’s funky, it’s housy and a little dirty … that must be that guy from Finland.
On A2 we enjoy a mix by Oliver Koletzki giving us a little sneak peak on the style he will bring us with his upcoming album. Amazing chords and melodies put the song on a new level – may i say on „a pop level“!? This is so catchy, it won’t let you go for a long time. Another Remix, another different direction showing how divers this song is.
And last but not least we find Penner + Muder on B2. After some great Remixes on Stil vor Talent and Mood we thought we have to let these guys work on this. And we got what we wanted. A house loop that makes you move, building sloooowly up to a magnificiant break. Hands up in the air and there we go… That’s all we’ve got for this one – promise!