Limited Suol Vinyl Lover Package (15 x 12″)


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Our Vinyl Lover Package with an ensemble of Suol releases – consists of both EP’s and LP’s.

Till Von Sein “Precious” LP
Chopstick & Johnjon “Twelve” LP
Larse “On Canvas Pt. 1” EP
Chopstick & Johnjon “Versions 2” EP
Fritz Kalkbrenner “Wes” EP
Meggy “We, Meggy” EP
Tender Games “In A Mess” EP
Fritz Kalkbrenner “Suol Mates” EP
Chopstick & Johnjon “Run Slowly” EP
Till Von Sein “Booty Angel” EP
Chopstick & Johnjon “Pinning Moon” EP
Daniel Bortz “Maxi Cosy” EP
Chopstick & Johnjon “Roots” EP
Sven Von Thülen “Beginnings” EP
Till Von Sein “Non Existent Love” EP