Chopstick & Johnjon about HALLO MONTAG

The Suol label chefs Chopstick & Johnjon sat down with Stella and talked about the HALLO MONTAG summer open airs at IPSE. The Summer Opening party is April, 30th and the line-up is great. So much fun coming up this summer. Listen to Chopstick & Johnjon and their thoughts about it.

Eli Escobar [Night People, Classic, NYC]
Nachtbraker [Dirt Crew Recordings, Heist Recordings]
Laurence Guy [Church, Mule Musiq]
TILL VON SEIN [Suol, Tilly Jam]
meggy [Suol]
Carlo [Neovinyl Recordings, Suol]
Snad [Suol, Smallville]
Kolja Gerstenberg [Suol, Smile For A While]