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Let’s travel in time…

Ten years on from their first release together, German house music stalwarts Chopstick & Johnjon are showing no signs that their partnership is growing old. Fusing a shared love of vintage hip-hop and R&B with tinges of disco and folksy melancholy, the strain that their Suol imprint pushes feels like a very organic take on house.

With their acclaimed debut album ‘Twelve’ released a few months back, it’s a perfect time for them to take stock of their decade producing together with a Monologues mix, ranging from deep, sensual cuts to chunkier party jams.

“It’s a nice selection of mostly older (2008-2014) and more unknown stuff” says Johnjon. “We had a lot of fun doing it!”

Listen here to the 60 minutes time travel podcast (2008-2014)! It’s worth it..