Born and raised in Berlin, Meggy has come a long way since she first started playing records and singing in the clubs of her hometown. At a very young age, sneaky visits to ‘Tresor’, one of the German capital’s genre-defining venues, sparked off an undying love for House and Techno and from then on there was no stopping her.

Meggy’s musical career went in leaps and bounds with DJ gigs at Berlin’s leading clubs, including Watergate and the legendary Bar25, and after Rampa collaborated with her on the massive 2012 hit ‘Everything’, her name started popping up constantly as a featured artist for the likes of David Keno, Channel X, Ruede Haegelstein, and Suol’s Till Von Sein.

While these early releases still focussed on her singing talent, Meggy was already working hard on refining her production skills, and a year later she teamed up with prominent producers Chopstick & Johnjon for her very first EP. She has been a member of the Suol family ever since.

Now an accomplished producer in her own right as well as an internationally touring DJ and top-flight vocalist, it is no wonder that 2018 was her most successful year yet. Releasing three EPs, ‘Times’, ‘Welcome To The V’ and ‘Flowers’, Meggy impressively demonstrated her creative way of rebelling through the world of House music to showcase her inimitable style. ‘Times’, a five track EP, which also included ‘Everything Pt. 2’,  was especially successful, hugely boosting her following on Spotify and overall recognition worldwide. Ricardo Villalobos played two of her tracks at his all-night-long set at Amnesia, Hot Since 82 play ‘Tyler’ live at Love Saves The Day festival, the list goes on.

Meggy has a special ability to blend the current style of music that she loves with her individual style to create a universe of sounds that no one wants to escape. She is constantly working on her song writing skills and was recently invited to Red Bull Music Studios Berlin to present a live DJ set including only her own songs along with live vocals.

A unique artist with a unique sound. Meggy’s music is not to be missed.
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